Yesterday, New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather went on a free agent shopping spree. To the surprise of just about everyone, Sather landed two of the three best Free Agent Centers on the market. This is quite a coup for the inscrutable deal maker. In an effort to make a more successful run at the Stanley Cup next season, Sather spent a boatload of Jimmy Dolan’s money and came up smelling like a rose.

The only drawback was the length of the Gomez contract. The bar on salary had been set earlier in the day when the Philadelphia Flyers reeled in Daniel Briere. No one could accuse Sather of driving up prices. He paid the fair market value for Gomez and Drury. Sather even went against principle and gave Drury a “no movement ” clause. Indeed, July 1 , 2007 was an historic day.

So, what’s not to like? As if paying a 13 goal scorer $51 million dollars over 7 years is not bad enough, many Ranger fans cannot see with clarity who will be centering whom next season. That’s where our title here comes in. Do the new shoes match the handbags?

No fashion conscious woman would leave the house with a black handbag and brown shoes. It’s gauche. It is a fashion faux pas. Many women will buy two pairs of shoes in different colors when they find shoes that are attractive and comfortable. They will make a mental note of what handbags they have in their closet before they make their purchase. The brown shoes with the Louis Vuitton bag. The black shoes with the Coach bag.

Clearly, Glen Sather is not a woman. Not only did he NOT look in the closet before he went shopping, he (gasp) paid RETAIL. Glen clearly has gone for the trendy fashionable shoe (Gomez) that might be out of style before the Amex bill is paid off.

Chris Drury is clearly the reliable black shoe to Shanahan, the black Coach bag. Drury is the North American (North/South playing) shoe that will complement Shanahan well. But, is Scott Gomez the brown shoe we need to compliment the very European Vuitton bag we have in Jaromir Jagr. Clearly, Jagr is the superstar here who should not have to acquiese to young Gomez, an American North American player.

Losing Nylander as the center of Jagr’s eurocentric East/West style of play might be traumatic for our Superstar and detrimental to his production. Will Renney be trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole come September? Can we dye Gomez Brown?


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  1. Who ever shoots most wins. . .personally I’m excited to have two centers who can play. . .hopefully we do not have to cringe everytime the supposed second line takes the ice, not knowing if there is going to be anyone else who can score if Jagr’s getting double teamed. . .when all is said and done @ the end of his contract Gomez will be 34 years old. . .haven’t we given similar contracts to guys that were already that old when we handed them out?

  2. I have to disagree completely here. It seems that “experts” believe Jagr has only played with one center in his career. You can put Donny Brashear at center and Jags will score 25 goals, coupled with 70 assists. That’s Jagr. Scott Gomez will not score more than 20 goals next season, but I am willing to bet the bank that he has over 70 assists… easy.

    In Gomez and Drury, the Rangers get two young, very talented centers. Something that all of the “experts” have been begging for since – well, the Moose has left us. Now we have them an panic strikes. I’ve been a Hockey/Ranger fan for over 20 years now, and I think these signings are the right step in the right direction. Just wait and see…

  3. m hurley says:

    Gentlemen, gentlemen, please, I am not criticizing Sather for signing two of the three best free agent centers able to give the Rangers the strength down the middle they have been lacking.

    But you must recoginize that Gomez’ style of play is vastly different then the cycling style Jagr has become accustomed to. Gomez style of play in NJ was for all three linemates to converge in the slot and reek havoc with down low shots.

    Sure, Gomez’ speed will get the puck into the zone fast but Jagr may not be fast enough to keep up with him.

    Jagr has to be willing to change his style of play. According to Ro’s report, Straka has a bug up his ass already.

    I hope more then anyone that the two new guys find their place and we have two lines that are goal scoring machines!

  4. Isn’t it really up to the coaching staff to let the players know what style and system of hockey they’ll be playing. . .and for all intents and purposes and millions of dollars. . .I think this team is still built around Jagr. . .As far as Straka. . .he should get the shoulder surgery so he is able to contribute as he did early last year and be quiet ’cause his $3mil for this year is still more than what I’ll make my entire life. . .

  5. m hurley says:


    How many times last year did we watch endless cycling by Jagr and Co that led to zippo shots on goal. How many times did the puck go back over the blueline with the incessant passing. How many times did the crowd scream “shoot the effing puck”? I am sure the coaching staff was trying to get these knuckleheads to shot more. Seems like untll March certain players weren’t paying a blind bit of attention to the coaching staff. Thank God they finally woke up when the young ones and Avery came aboard for the stretch run and the playoffs.

    As far as Straka goes, I agree. He should have had the surgery on May 8th. He’ll probably go down after the All Star break if he lasts that long. If I’m paying him $3 mil a year, I ‘d have been administering the anesthesia at the Prague Hospital for Special Surgery.:)


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