I don’t know about everyone else but I have had just about enough of the incompetance of Versus.

Tonight’s Ranger/Islander game was unwatchable. They lose the signal in the middle of the game. They do not show a replay of the phatom penalty called on Petr Prucha, when it was he who was taken down in front of Dipietro. Why? Why were they 4 on 4? What were the coincidental minor penalties called? Inquiring hockey minds want to know? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I did not hear one of these empty suits mention what happened or why those two players were in the box.

I had to go to the ESPN website to see that Sutton was called for interference on Prucha and Prucha was called for holding Andy Sutton. I don’t get it? Is that like calling a trip and a dive? Great officiating. Nothing like being consistent, eh?

Engblom, Olczyk and Emerick run their mouths but nothing intelligent comes out. Isn’t there any way the Rangers, as an organization, can opt out of games televised by Versus?

Nice going, Gary. Great TV deal you got for the NHL there.

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  1. Margaret,

    I will honestly say that this game was probably one of the best NYR/NYI games. There was passion, it was loud, it was intense, and for the most part, the officials let them play. 3 PP’s for both sides, you have to admit, is unusual to say the least.

    I am sorry about the Versus coverage, I havent seen it yet – but I am sure that it wasnt that great. Forslund and Brickley, who did your game on Monday, I think, are good. I agree with you that Versus just ‘lacks’.

    To me – no matter what side won last night – it was a great game that showed the rest of the country, the way a rivalry ‘should’ be. Both goalies were BRILLIANT, the fact that there were so many instances of 4, 5 and 6 minute stretches of non-stop play shows what kind of game it was. I know your feelings about the NVMC, but believe me — for BOTH sides, the end-to-end action was exciting, exhilirating, and frankly, I needed some Zanax.

    I just hope that the other 6 games in this series are like the one last night – no matter what the outcome is.

  2. Having read both isles and ranger blogs and seen the game, it appeared that the penalty attributed to prucha was in fact caused by Sean Avery.

    The isle penalty was called first and then avery proceded to commit a penalty while the rangers had an extra man. Why the penalty was called on prucha is a question ive yet to see anyone answer, but there WAS a penalty committed.

  3. Rich,

    Too bad you’re in the witness protection program up in Vermont and can’t go to the Mausoleum to see your beloved team.

    Bite Me.

  4. Gary,

    Glad you got to see an entertaining game. Don’t get too overconfident there now. The Fish haven’t swept the season’s series yet.;)

    I hope the rest of the games are only televised locally so all the fans get the correct information as it happens.

  5. Thanks Josh. I gleaned as much from the blogs this morning.

    Next time Avery comes up and sits behind me, I’ll be sure to chew his ass out over it.

    Too bad that information wasn’t made clear last night.

  6. My dear Margaret – not expecting – nor did I say a sweep. I am on medication for a cold right now – but my brain is not that fried….. I am just glad to get the win, but for true fans of the sport – it was an EXCELLENT match!

    Unfortunately with Mr. Avery, I think you will have a line of people before you that want to construct him a new arse.

  7. you do deserve the ice tilted comments. Be honest..that was a bad post a couple weeks ago.

    I can not wait till the schedule changes next year, 8 games is too much.

    Good luck against us at Islander Square Garden.

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