Tonight’s game was a moral victory for the Islanders. That’s right. I said it was a victory for the Islanders. Kudos to Joey McDonald. Regardless of the final score, the only reason the Rangers won was because Henrik Lundqvist stood on his head and the Islanders took matching stupid penalties. And yes, I mean you Captain Guerin.

I have several issues with Rangers coach Tom Renney and I am not going to mince words here. Tom Renney, what in the world are you thinking about putting Colton Orr out on the four minute powerplay and sitting Petr Prucha? Prucha had an excellent game tonight, drawing penalties, blocking shots but you don’t give him a sniff on that four minute powerplay. What does this kid have to do to get a little respect and more ice time? Maybe you are still suffering from that stick to the head?

You bench Dubinsky for taking two penalties in the beginning of the game but continue to play Zherdev after his penalties and turnovers? Redden and Girardi miss checks, cough up the puck and finally allow a short handed goal but they still get the minutes? I hope MSG doesn’t have another coaches forum anytime soon because trust me, I’ll be there with these questions.

Wade Redden has to be one of the worst off season acquisitions since Bobby Holik. Not only has he been terrible but his poor play seems to have infected Daniel Girardi.  Unfortunately, the Rangers want to roll four lines. I think it is time for them to play seven defensemen and sit Redden for a while. This was the guy we signed to make that first outlet pass on the powerplay. Not only is he NOT doing that, he’s a turnover machine, he misses checks and he doesn’t take the body enough.

One of the guys in my section, Gorgeous George, has been telling me how bad Redden has been playing and I’ve been trying to give Redden the benefit of the doubt. George plays and coaches hockey. He knows his stuff. I refused to believe it but after watching the preseason and ten games in, I have to agree with him about Redden.

I am glad that most of the Ranger players manned up and fought hard for the win. Callahan, Drury and Henrik had great nights. Unfortunately, Coach Renney underestimated the Islanders ability to come back against the Rangers. The lesson to be learned here is not to piss away a four minute double minor by putting out fourth liners.

The headline on the New York Rangers website says “League Leading Rangers Roll Over the Islanders”. I am not drinking that KoolAid. The Rangers were lucky to get out of the Mausoleum with a win. 

All my due respect to the New York Islanders.

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  1. agreed Redden is pretty bad. Remember when he benched Nylander for his 4 minute penalty. That was pretty strange in itself. Lets have another coaches forum that was fun.

  2. I agree with your assessment, Ms. Hurley!

    Henrik was outstanding. Ranger players were in right places at right times (goals coming from Islanders sticks and skates, right to Ranger players, as if it was scripted that way). Good teams take advantage of things thrown their way. The Blueshirts did just that!

    My boys have more plot lines than a Spanish Soap Opera. Being in the blog box, I was completely surrounded by Rangers fans, below me and above me. It was interesting to say the least, as my section (317) is all season ticket holders in the first 6 rows, and I usually feel the comfort of fellow Isles fans. But these guys were ok, (except for the dingbat below me that thought our table that we put our laptops on was his personal serving tray!)

    Good win for you. And considering we were missing our #1 Goalie (sic), 4 of our 6 top D, our best faceoff center, we played ok. Got to take a positive and move on.

    Until we meet again!


  3. Don’t kill Redden just yet. He is still a true point man for the powerplay, and i don’t think he is terrible. He is still feeling his way around. Not everyone is going to adjust as quickly as Zherdev has.

  4. Michael, I hope you are right.

    Rody, I have been to every home game (preseason included) except the Leaf game.

    I really like Dan Girardi. It’s too bad for him they have him paired with Redden. It’s like he is catching Reddeditis.

    I see the Islanders short handed goal the other night as a microcosim of how these two guys are playing.

    Girardi let’s Park muscle him off the puck to set up Weight. Weight avoids Drury’s check and centers the puck for Streit to score.

    Who is standing stock STILL facing Lundqvist while all this is going on? Well surprise, surprise, it’s Wade (the new Ranger pylon)Redden. He did the same thing, head looking in wrong direction, screening Henrik, in the Penguins game.

    Fedor Tyutin was better then Redden is right now and I would take him back in a heartbeat.

    And, I do not smoke.:)

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