So the NHL wants all of their ranchers, foremen and cowboys to maintain silence while the lockout is on. They will slap anyone who utters a word, be it positive, negative or neutral with a hefty fine. How predictable.

For Jim Devellano to comment on the absolute power of the owners and the owners apparent superciliousness toward Devellano (an alternate governor), the players and the fans is not only mind blowing but truly a cry for help.

It has been reported that Devellano (and the Red Wings) have been fined $250, 000.00 large for his comments. Devellano revealed that the lockout was voted on unanimously by all 30 owners, including one of the best owners in hockey, Devallano’s own boss, Mike Illich.

But just because the owners were unanimous doesn’t mean there wasn’t some arm twisting going on. Perhaps Mike Illich encouraged Devellano to do the interview and speak from his heart because Illich couldn’t.

The futility message needed to be sent to the players, employees of the organizations and the fans about how this was going to go down and how to fight it is pointless.

And it is pointless for the players. They can’t even get to the table to discuss the revenue sharing percentage rollback being demanded by the owners.

It’s September 24. What the hell is going to happen with all the changes to restricted and unrestricted free agency the owners are demanding? Revenue sharing is just the tip of a Titanic sized ice berg.

But, it isn’t pointless for the fans. Regardless of who is right or wrong, the owners or players, the fans need to walk away from the game and send the NHL a final message. After three lockouts and the loss of a full season only 7 years ago, it’s time for the fans to vote with their wallets. The fans can have a say.

Demand your season ticket money back immediately. Stop subscribing to NHL Home Ice. Do not watch hockey on NBC. If there is a Winter Classic, do not watch. Take the money you would have given to the NHL and buy your own hockey equipment. Go play the game yourself.

Or, do what Jim D said, support amateur hockey, college hockey and minor league hockey in your local communities. Screw the NHL, the greedy players and the even greedier owners. They don’t care about the fans. The fans are just atm’s with arms and legs.

And y’all thought when I said GAG Order I meant the tee times for the 71-72 Rangers Alumni Golf Tournament.

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