“Not asking you to like it. But you’ll see pretty soon, pretty soon I’ll trust you because you’ll trust me. Because what’s good for you is good for me and you for me, see? We’re the same. We’re equal. We’re partners, see? 5-0, 5-0. ”

-Mike Conovan from the film “Pat and Mike” (1952)

In one of the funniest movies of its genre, hard nosed sports agent Mike Conovan (Spencer Tracy) explains the financial dynamic of sports to Pat Pemberton (Katherine Hepburn). By the end of the movie, Pat and Mike realize they love each other. We have a happy ending with them sharing life 50/50.

When two partners agree to go 50/50, it should signal happiness and harmony. That is unless you are the NHL and the NHL Players Association. Then we all have to assume that one party isn’t being forthcoming with the other. They don’t really want to share.

At face value, it would seem that the NHL offering to go 50/50 on hockey related revenue (HRR) should be a no brainer for the players. The league is backing down and being reasonable after refusing to budge for so long. They are finally moving on a core issue.

Accordingly, or so the NHL demands,   the players should immediately sign on dotted line and begin the season on November 2 to get in an 82 game season. The question everyone should be asking is, why the NHL didn’t make the 50/50 offer on September 14, nay, back in June?

Gary Bettman, condescending little prick that he is, may think that pandering to the fan base with this latest proposal by the NHL will move the fans over to the side of the owners, should the NHLPA reject this proposal.

Not this fan. In the words of Homey the Clown, I don’t think so.

The NHL doesn’t get absolved of the blame for this mess by throwing out a sound bite, 50/50, to the fans.  Granted, our society, especially here in the US in an election year, does focus mostly on sound bites.

But it is my pinion that NHL fans are not gullible. They’ll see this pandering for what it is and look at the whole picture as it unfolds.

Bettman and the owners are looking to hold the Players asses to the fire if they don’t ratify this latest agreement and commence the season by November 2. They want their 82 game season.

They tried to do an end run around the Fehr Brothers. By releasing the terms of the latest offer in the media, the NHL knew the players, and the immediate world, would see it before the Fehrs could analyze it and cogently present it to the NHLPA (fueling the players in a vote of no confidence in the Fehrs and turning the fans against the players).

No one but the players and their representatives have the right to revue the offer and pass judgement on it, especially not the fans. If the players reject this offer, I will be disappointed but I will not slam the players. At the end of the day it’s their career and their livelihood,

Bettman, Daly and the owners he represents are diabolical. What trust? What partnership?

50% of bullshit is still bullshit.

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