Today, February 17, 2013, is Hockey Day in America. I’m going to celebrate it by watching the Sabres-Penguins game on NBC before I head out to the Rangers-Caps game tonight at the Garden.

NBC is hosting over six hours of coverage today in honor of Hockey Day in America. Too bad a programming executive at NBC Sports didn’t remind the “Today Show” about Hockey Day in America.

The “Today Show” did a live remote broadcast from Boston this past week and didn’t mention word one about the Bruins. The 2011 Stanley Cup Champions didn’t even rate a mention. It was the perfect opportunity to cross promote today’s NBC hockey programming schedule. The “Today Show” didn’t.

Instead, they chose to talk about, what else, the Red Sox, the Celtics and the New England Patriots. In the city that holds the Beanpot Championship, that has a host of colleges vying for the Frozen Four Championships most years, “Today Show” producers failed to do their homework.

They ignored Boston’s hockey tradition. Who knows? Maybe NBC sports told them to steer clear of the subject because of the lost revenue during the lockout. NBC  lost huge dollars on the cancelled Winter Classic. After all, it was the likes of Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs taking a hard line that prolonged the lockout.

The”Today Show” producers really dropped the puck, I mean ball on this one. The blizzard last weekend prevented “Today” from doing their broadcast from Chicago as planned.  Maybe some suit at NBC Sports should send a memo to the producers of  the “Today Show” and remind them that the Chicago Black Hawks were the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions?

Just a thought.

To all who play, watch and enjoy the sport of hockey, today is our day. Enjoy!

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