While many naysayers out there are blasting Glen Sather for paying a 31 year old goalie $8.5 million dollars over the next 7 years, I say STFU! These people are bitter. They are jealous. And, they are stupid.

There are some things just you cannot put a price on. Some things cannot be quantified by money. Some people cannot be measured by what they make. In our what have you done for me lately, show me the money society, there are people whose value truly is invaluable.

The New York Ranger’s organization learned their lesson when they traded away Eddie Giacomin to Detroit all those years ago. Eddie was far from finished. He was still a damn good goalie. It was more heart breaking to me then when they traded Ratelle and Park to Boston. The fans were so angry they booed the Rangers and cheered for Detroit the first time Giacomin returned to Garden wearing the Winged Wheel.

Henrik Lundqvist has been the one constant for the last eight seasons that has kept asses in the seats of the World’s Most Renovated Arena. He’s stood on his head in good times and bad to keep the Rangers in the playoff hunt. He’s been a rock of consistency in a virtual sea of mediocrity. He’s earned this contract. He’s the Eddie Giacomin of this millenium.

Lundqivist has backed up Ranger teams with little defense, less offense and no powerplay. He’s celebrated victories and suffered defeats and done it all with good grace. (Better then Fatso across the river whom some refer to as the “greatest goalie of all time”).

Screw what the rest of the NHL and the hockey world think. They don’t know our Henke. We do. To know Henrik Lundqvist is to love him. He’s not only a great goaltender but a lovely person. He’s good to the fans. He hasn’t changed since the day I met him in Bryant Park all those years ago when he was Kevin Week’s backup.

Henrik Lundqvist is worth his weight in gold. If there is justice in this world, his name will one day be on the Stanley Cup. He’ll go into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot as a New York Ranger.

Henrik Lundqvist will be a Ranger for life. That is how it had to be. Congratulations to Glen Sather and James Dolan for having the balls to make it happen.

Thanks to Henke for keeping the faith with the Garden Faithful. It’s an early Christmas gift to all Ranger fans.

Henrik Lundqvist – Priceless

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