As hockey fans, we cruise around the different websites and message boards to get a barometer on how fans are feeling about games, especially in the playoffs.

Ranger fans are reporting that other fans around the league are rooting for the Rangers over the Habs in this series. I’m not just talking about Boston fans, either.

The Hab Hate is palpable. I think most fans around the NHL want to see good hockey, not the Cirque du Soliel hockey coming out of the Montreal Canadiens.

They want fair and consistent officiating. The officiating gaffes we have seen go on throughout the playoffs have even the most jaded NHL sycophants, ie Pierre McGuire and Barry Melrose, incredulous at some of the calls and non-calls.

Many NHL media members were also scratching their head over the ridiculous scheduling. Fans want to see their teams play at times and dates favorable to the players and not cater to networks and their needs.

If the arena owners (especially Dolan) have to change or cancel other events to accommodate the Stanley Cup playoffs, so be it. Isn’t the NHL catchphrase “Because it’s the Cup”?

True fans of the game want to see players play a tough but respectful game. They want to see the best players in the league, those with skill and speed, display their skills.

Real NHL fans are sick of the goons, the diving, the cheap shots, the mind games and the ridiculous media coverage that turns a great game in to a soap opera.

Get rid of the over-hyped coverage and the talking heads out of whose mouths comes drivel, the Kool-aide the NHL pushes.

If you want to watch a soap opera, watch Scandal or Revenge. If you want a Punch and Judy show watch the WWE.

The NHL needs to hear over and over again that real NHL fans, the ones they are always thanking for coming back after every Owner and Bettman/Daly induced lockout, want to good, clean hockey.

We want hockey with honor.

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